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My Round robin Tournament SCHeduling for Table tennis
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To avoid conflicts with the old Myrtscht-program and in order to get better memorable, the new new GUI program will have a new name -- Rrobin --, a new website and a new license. However, I will report on development at this website until the first version of Rrobin is released.



I have decided to suspend development of the current CLI version of myrtscht and to begin creating a GUI program. I consider this the best way as for further development of the CLI version I would have had to rewrite huge parts of the code. (OK, it isn't that much.) Thus it is better to do a complete rewrite and link it with the creation of the GUI.

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I have now created the possibility of downloading myrtscht. So one may call that the first public release. – See page Downloads.

The next step is going to be the git repository, but I am currently reading a printed version of the Pro Git book by Scott Chacon. Thus be patient.



This is the first time I release this website into public. It is not really mature yet – there is even no possibility for downloading the program itself. However, all the things will come step by step, thus be patient. I am not able to work at it every day. But at least every second week there should be an improvement. – I will report on that.

Anyway: Happy waiting!